Women on the Go: Expert Tips for Eating Right, Staying Fit and Looking Your Best

Taking care of yourself when you’re pressed for time and have a mountain of things to accomplish can be extremely challenging. These women-on-the-go have learned a thing or two about maximizing their time and minimizing their stress levels. Check out their tips.

Niccole Hendrickson, Personal Trainer
Website: Peak8Fitness.com
Instagram: @Peak8Fitness
Facebook: @Peak8FitnessInspiration

What are your go-to foods when you have a busy day ahead of you?
I love quick, pack-a-good-nutritional-punch kind of foods: apples, almond butter, Peak8 superfood cereal (chia seeds, hemp hearts, raw almonds, raw coconut, strawberries, blueberries, and unsweetened almond milk), sliced grilled chicken, and avocado. I am a small, multi snack/mini meal kind of gal.

How do you fit fitness in on the go?
I’ve taught myself to be okay with breaking my workouts into smaller segments sometimes multiple times a day. I can kick some serious buns in just a short 20 minutes. I prefer a full body high intensity routine if I only have a quick 20 minutes (e.g. burpees, squats, push ups, Spider Mans, lunges), or I choose a high intensity interval run routine.

How do you stay organized and on top of everything when you’re juggling so many clients?
I pack and plan ahead for all opportunities and obstacles that typically arise in my day-to-day routine. No matter what my schedule looks like, the night before I always pack my meals, lay my clothes out, prep my gym bag with fresh clothes and shower gear, and have my calendar filled with reminders. I would be lost without the ‘ting’ from my calendar alerts.

I’ve found that I can be away from home and conquer the day successfully if I plan ahead. At any time an appointment can change and a client can reschedule — with that in mind, I have all the tools I need to fill in my schedule with a workout, a healthy meal, or materials to get ahead for work.

Amber Wilkerson, Fashion Blogger/Spray Tan Technician
Website: EveryOnceInaStyle.com
Instagram: @EveryOnceInaStyle

What shortcuts do you rely on when you are getting ready with a limited amount of time?
There are so many beauty hacks that can really cut down your time when getting ready. My hair always takes me the longest so dry shampoo is my best friend on days when there is no time to wash, dry and style my hair. I personally like the Kevin Murphy brand because it smells so good. I also love his Resort Spray, it helps revive day-old curls or during the summer I let my hair air dry and spray it for beach waves.

How do you throw together a cute outfit without spending all morning deciding what to wear?
When I add new pieces to my wardrobe I try them on right away with things that I already own so that I have some outfit ideas in mind for the future. I definitely have my go-to uniforms that I know always look good, like boyfriend jeans, booties and a tucked in tee. Another trick is to add an eye catching accessory to a simple base — i.e. jeans, a white t-shirt, nude pumps and a colorful scarf or a statement necklace. When in doubt wear all black and you are guaranteed to look pulled together.

How do you manage to stay organized when you’re being pulled by two separate businesses?
It is honestly a never ending balancing act and I constantly have to be thinking ahead. I have a dry erase board next to my desk and every month I write 5 goals that I want to accomplish that month. I make a do to list every Sunday night for the week ahead and then do daily to-do lists every morning. I write down all of my blogging, Amber Spray Tans and personal appointments in different color pens in order to keep it all straight.

Lauren Rowland, Realtor
Website: Kenneyandcompany.net
Facebook: @LaurenRowlandRealEstateBroker

How do you set up your mornings to ensure your entire day is productive and well organized?
By preparing the evening before! The next day’s to-do list is written before heading to bed, coffee pot set up with the timer ready to go first thing, gym clothes and work clothes set out so it’s harder to make excuses when the alarm goes off.

What are 3 things you try to do everyday to take care of your body?
1. Keep my water bottle with me all the time and drink tons of water.
2. SWEAT – even if all I can do is a short, high intensity workout.
3. I love incorporating aromatherapy into my day – difusing energizing citrus or peppermint oils while I work and lavender, calming oils at night to wind down.

What is your best tip for managing stress while still staying sane?
Be kind to yourself! You can’t do everything and be everywhere. It’s great to work hard, but also remember being nice to yourself is way less exhausting than constantly telling yourself you aren’t doing enough.

Stephanie Emery, Hair Stylist
Instagram: @hairnerdnation, @emeryink
Facebook: @StephanieRice

What are your go-to tips for styling your hair when you’re short on time (but still need to look presentable)?
This is a well-known practice for me. Typically if I am short on time but still want to look cute, I throw in some dry shampoo, a braid and maybe even a messy high bun. Since messy disheveled hair is in style, you can even throw in a couple curls to your day old hair and call it beach waves.

How do you take care of yourself and your body when you’re in between clients and on your feet all day?
Sometimes maintaining balance can be extremely hard for me. I make sure that I bring quick healthy snacks that are easy to munch on while I mix color, or run to the back to grab more product. I’ve also been trying to incorporate more stretching in-between clients.

What are the three things you always do for yourself no matter how busy your day is?
1. I give myself a 30-minute minimum break to refresh and re-energize. Going to the gym early in the morning, and standing all day can be exhausting, so I never skip this step.
2. I try to drink 20oz of water every 2 hours, or 80oz minimum while I’m at work  (drinking water is a chore to me) and once I go home I notice I don’t drink nearly enough water.
3. No matter how busy my day is, I make time for my husband, and my dogs. They are the most important thing to me, and spending time with them makes everything easier.

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