Sick of Running? Try These Cardio Exercises Instead

Not everyone gets a rush of adrenaline when they go to lace up their tennis shoes and head out on a run. In fact, many people dread the idea of running altogether.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry – there are plenty of other, unique ways to fit your cardio in without forcing yourself to do something you’d rather avoid like the plague. (We all know how well that works with consistency!)

Next time you need to fit a little cardio in, try some of these out-of-the-box activities instead.

Take the stairs
Whether you’re at home, work, the gym, or outside, chances are a good set of stairs are at your disposal. That means you can create a killer cardio workout – increasing your heart rate and burning fat – all while working to tone your lower body.

Check out this killer stair workout from

Get moving with a dance workout
You might not be up for a sweaty night out at the club, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of a fun dance workout. Dancing can do wonders in toning your butt, legs, and abs – and it’s a great way to burn calories in a way that doesn’t leave you questioning when it’s going to be over.

Check out this 30-minute dance workout from

Grab a jump rope
If you’ve ever tried to jump rope for more than 30 seconds you know how exhausting it can be – which means it’s an awesome form of cardio. Better yet, it’s one of only a few pieces of cardio equipment that doesn’t cost a significant amount of money to have in your home.

Check out this simple (but challenging) jump rope exercise from

Try your hand at rowing
Yes, this requires the use of an indoor rowing machine (unless you happen to have a boat), but for those with a gym workout, this can give you the total body workout that a treadmill run cannot.

Check out this 20-minute routine from

Go back to jumping jacks
You might have thought jumping jacks were for the elementary school gym class you left behind years ago, but it might be time to return to this simple, yet incredibly effective cardio workout.

If you want to spice things up and increase the number of muscle groups your targeting, try these variations from

Use those kettlebells for cardio
Kettlebells aren’t just for weight training anymore. In fact, a recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning showed that kettlebell workouts can raise your heart rate enough to count as cardio.

Check out these total-body kettlebell exercises from

What do YOU do to get your cardio in?


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