My Body is My Temple, My House is My Throne

Often times friends and clients ask why I stay organized, eat clean, make time to exercise, and work so hard to maintain my house.

My response is simple, “My body is my temple and my house is my throne.”

In order to give my best to work, family, and those I encounter, my personal world needs to reflect the best of my mind, body, and household. Being organized facilitates my ability to eat clean, make time for fitness, and better serve those around me. Eating clean gives me the nutrients, focus, energy, and drive to help myself and those I work with.

Taking the time to exercise and commit to feeling good internally and externally is a non-negotiable in my life. It’s about nurturing my ultimate well-being — healthy mind, body, soul, and lifestyle. I know these are things I can be either a positive or negative contributor to.

Some helpful hints to getting started and organized,

1) Start with the constants in your life: work schedule, kids’ school schedules, any known deadlines, etc. 2) Create a grid for all 7 days of the week and fill in the above commitments.
3) Plug in travel time, time for sleep, meals, etc.– everything you can think of that takes time in your day.
4) Look for the holes in your schedule — you will be pleasantly surprised how much more time in a day, a week, or month you have to take care of YOU!

Remember: If you do not prioritize for yourself, you are simply hindering your ability to be effective in other areas of your life.  A wise man (a.k.a. my dad) once told me, you can’t be ALL things to everyone. So choose wisely!

I encourage you to discover your ‘ultimate well-being’ by cleansing your mind and body of the things that don’t matter. Negative and positive emotions are normal and healthy to experience, it’s what you choose to do with them that counts. Cleanse the things that are restricting you from being a better contributor to society. And most importantly, keep your temple & throne clean!

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