Get Your Fitness On While Giving Back to Amazing Local Organization

Growing up, I was surrounded by kids who were not as fortunate as myself. I played sports with kids who were giving it their all based on what little nutrients their bodies had received; I studied with kids who suffered poor grades not because they didn’t try, they weren’t smart enough, or they lacked discipline — they were simply hungry, malnourished, and defeated.

At an early age I watched as my parents generously prepared meals for the football teams my dad coached. Often times my brother and I were a part of the assembly line of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and had no idea these efforts would help feed kids that had eaten nothing all day. For some it would be their only meal, yet they still showed up with heart and passion for practice and games come Friday night. They loved their sport and cherished the love, drive, brotherhood that my dad created for all of them.

We were making sandwiches for these young men because if my dad didn’t feed them, they would be playing a spartan sport with no nutrients.

Remembering the struggle I witnessed for so many years among my dad’s athletes, I was touched when I heard about a Denver-based organization called Food for Thought. With the help of volunteers, this organization puts together nutritious meals for low-income students to take home for the days they won’t be receiving school lunches or breakfasts, like weekends and school holidays.

Because they have targeted specific schools with the greatest need, students are not required to opt-in to the program — every single student receives a package. In addition, every single dollar Food for Thought receives goes straight into buying food and supplies to keep the program running.

With all the amazing work this organization has completed, as well as my own personal tie to this cause, I’ve decided Food for Thought will be the recipient of all funds collected during Peak8Fitness’ Give Back Bootcamp on November 21st. In addition, if participants would like to make an extra donation during this time, that option will be available.

It goes without saying, I am so happy and delighted to be a part of such a beautiful cause. The more nutrients we can provide, the more we can ask of our children to be outstanding, passionate, driven, loving, educated, competitive people.

I vow to always set the bar high and always provide the gift of wellness to the small bodies of our future.

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