Fall Fitness Fashion: Best Items for the Cooling Weather

If you think cooler temps offer the perfect excuse for staying inside and skipping your workout, think again.

The heat of summer is actually harder on your body than the cold. When your body is producing extra sweat as a cooling mechanism, blood that should be in your muscles is rushing to the skin in order to cool it down. As a result, your blood pressure goes down and your heart rate goes up – not an ideal combination when you’re exerting yourself.

Various studies have actually concluded that the ideal temperature, especially for running, is around 45 degrees. Yes, you read that right.

So before giving up on outdoor exercise before the rest of the year, consider stocking up on some cold weather gear that will keep you covered, dry and comfortable.

Here are a few of my fall fashion picks:

On the Bottom:

Zella ‘Live-In’ Slim Fit Leggings via Nordstrom
Price: $58
When they say live-in, they mean it. Use these as lounge pants or workout gear.

Northface Motivation Leggings via NorthFace.com
Price: $70
Not motivated to venture outside? Let these breathable, moisture-wicking leggings give you an extra push.

Zella ‘Perfect Run’ Running Tights via Nordstrom
Price: $58
Lightweight but snug-fitting, these tights will stay in place while you work and can easily be layered for additional warmth.

On the Top:

Roxy Frequency Jacket via Roxy.com
Price: $44 (on sale from $88)
This jacket has a mesh panel in the back to allow sweat to escape and is slim-fitting enough to look stylish.

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew via Lululemon.com
Price: $68
Lightweight and breathable fabric, this could be worn alone for warmer fall days, or layered for winter runs.

New Balance Impact Hoodie via NewBalance.com
Price: $44.99 (on sale from $59.99)
Keep your head and neck warm with this awesome workout hoodie. The best part? It has a hole for your ponytail in the hood.

A Few Extras:

Nike Dri-Fit Headband via Nike.com
Price: $14
Keep the hair away from your face and the sweat away from your head with this inexpensive find.

Balega Hidden Comfort Crew Socks via Balega.com
Price: $11
No more socks slipping in your running shoes. These will stay in place while keeping your feet gloriously dry.

The North Face Runners 2 Etip Glove
Price: $29.95
Nothing can ruin an outside workout like frozen hands. These are lightweight enough to be comfortable, but not too heavy to encourage sweat.

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