Cold Outside? That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Run

Conquer your chilly fears and enjoy your winter running.

It wasn’t long ago when the winter or chillier months would prevent even the most avid outdoor runner from embarking on their daily jaunt. While it’s still cold during the winter months and conditions can be less than appealing at times, the creation of cutting edge high-tech gear have revolutionized the fitness industry. The ability to train anytime, anywhere have eliminated most excuses for avoiding workouts.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for your snow day run.

Pay attention to the terrain
When the roads or your favorite trail are covered with snow, look for snow that’s packed down — there’s better traction and more visibility to detect icy patches. Stability is key when your foot is striking the ground.

If there are plowed roads, run on the street and be on the lookout for black ice and traffic. If it’s dark out, be sure to run in a well lit area and wear brightly colored apparel. If the roads and outdoor terrain are too icy or dangerous, bring your workout inside!

It’s all about the gear
Staying warm and dry is key, so invest in the right apparel! Keep your hands, feet, and head warm. Layer and be sure your gear is moisture-wicking.

I personally love Zella ‘Live In’ Leggings, North Face’s Summit Series down vest, Nike Dri-Fit running head band, North Face lightweight gloves, and Balega Hidden Comfort crew socks.

Happy running!

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