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(Editor’s Note: This is a testimonial from Peak8Fitness clients Addison and Jace. I have been amazed by their progress and I am honored to share their story, as told in their own words.) Getting fit has never been easy for us. We grew up chubby kids in the South, and although we’ve had periods of adulthood where we’ve been active, we have never been successful at changing our lifestyles to be truly fit, active, and healthy. Until Peak8Fitness. Addison I met Niccole through my job at Colorado PERA, where she teaches fitness

So you’re sporting a shiny new diamond but feeling undeniably overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list you have to tackle before officially walking down the aisle. And in addition to picking out the perfect flowers and deciding what figure-friendly dresses your bridesmaids will wear, you really just want to know you will look your very best for your big day. Yes, your dress is important and your makeup is key, but there’s one thing that will really give you that coveted WOW factor on your wedding day – getting your

Not everyone gets a rush of adrenaline when they go to lace up their tennis shoes and head out on a run. In fact, many people dread the idea of running altogether. If this sounds like you, don’t worry – there are plenty of other, unique ways to fit your cardio in without forcing yourself to do something you’d rather avoid like the plague. (We all know how well that works with consistency!) Next time you need to fit a little cardio in, try some of these out-of-the-box activities instead.

Are you intimidated by the thought of getting fit this year? You don’t have to go it alone. There are plenty of apps to help you get started and stay on track so you can actually see the results you crave. Here are a few to get you started. Runkeeper iOS, Android Whether you’re running to lose weight, train for a race, or simply to challenge yourself, RunKeeper will let you pick a run plan specific to you, send you reminders based on the running schedule you set, and track

I get it — you have a full work schedule and a family to take care of. You have dinner that needs to be cooked, a house that could use a scrub down, and a laundry list of errands you can never seem to complete. Over the years, busyness has become a natural state of being for 99% of Americans. And what’s one of the major things that suffers as a result? Our health. When you’re already being pulled in 1,000 different directions, carving out an hour to go to

In order to avoid boredom and burnout with your current workout routine and to see continued results, switching it up is key. Challenging your body in new ways is the easiest way to ensure your muscles don’t get complacent and your mind doesn’t convince you to keep doing the movements that you now find easy. So, whether you are an athlete looking to give your training a boost, or you simply need a new addition to your regular workout, plyometrics are a great addition to your routine. What are plyometrics?

If you think athletic shoes are one of the better decisions you’ve made for your feet, you might want to think about the quality of those shoes first. According to a study released by Elsevier Health Sciences: “…researchers compared the effects on knee, hip and ankle joint motions of running barefoot versus running in modern running shoes. They concluded that running shoes exerted more stress on these joints compared to running barefoot or walking in high-heeled shoes.” Yes, you read that right. Running shoes can exert more stress than the

Sometimes the most beneficial thing you can do for your muscles isn’t to throw in an extra rep, but to let them rest instead. When you lift weights, you are creating small tears in your muscles. These tears help your muscles grow, but only when paired with a period of rest. It is during this repair process that your muscles become stronger – helping you during your next workout session. Aside from getting plenty of sleep and hydrating, there are other things you can do during this rest period that

If you’re having trouble starting or maintaining a consistent workout schedule, the solution may be just a phone call away. Tapping into your existing friendships and finding someone who is willing to workout with you, or at least provide the support of an accountability partner, can increase your level of success exponentially. Need a little more convincing? Here are just a few of the science-backed benefits. Accountability When left to our own devices, self-motivation can be a hard thing to activate. We might have a burst of motivation and follow

If you think cooler temps offer the perfect excuse for staying inside and skipping your workout, think again. The heat of summer is actually harder on your body than the cold. When your body is producing extra sweat as a cooling mechanism, blood that should be in your muscles is rushing to the skin in order to cool it down. As a result, your blood pressure goes down and your heart rate goes up – not an ideal combination when you’re exerting yourself. Various studies have actually concluded that the

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